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About Us


Pillow & Pajamas creates loungewear and sleepwear for modern-day women to feel comfortable and well rested. It is made to look and feel wonderful in bed as well as out of it.


Each piece is carefully handmade to order by detail oriented seamstresses. That works in favor for you - all pieces can be customised individually, and for the environment - there is no overproduction, therefore, no additional waste.

We exclusively work with natural fabrics to make our loungewear -- fabrics that not only look good but also feel good to wear, such as textural, breathable, and sustainable linen; soft, feather lite organic cotton; and skin-friendly organic merino wool. Linen and merino wool are locally sourced, while cotton comes from partners in the Netherlands and Spain.

We only use certified fabrics. All fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, which means no harmful chemicals were used during production. Cotton and merino wool also have the GOTS label, which defines worldwide recognized requirements that ensure the ecological status of textiles. Additionally, merino wool is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, ensuring that farmers manage their land properly and practice holistic respect for animals.


We’re committed to using environmentally-safe materials to transport our pieces to you. That's why we decided that compostable, plastic free envelopes is the right packaging for us. They will never end up in landfills and won't take years to disintegrate. All packaging we use is reusable, recyclable or compostable. 


Our loungewear is crafted by partnering with a small atelier, run by three talented women, located in the middle of Vilnius. They are passionate, work with outstanding attention to detail and have years of experience in the field. It is comforting to know who makes our pieces, and being confident that they will always come out right.

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