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Each piece is carefully handmade to order by detail oriented seamstresses. That works in favor for you - all pieces can be customised individually, and for the environment - there is no overproduction, therefore, no additional waste. After you decide to acquire one of our pieces, it takes up to two weeks until it is completed and shipped. If you'd like to make any changes to your garment before it is cut, you can always get in touch with us (see below for details).



We will extend it for free + 5 cm/2 inches (anything above will costs extra).

Please specify the exact length of the extension in cm or inches.


• Customize item to your own measurements.

• Lengthen or shorten the length of item.

• Lengthen or shorten the inseam (for pants, shorts).

• Lengthen or shorten the sleeves.

• Widen or narrow the hips.

• Widen or narrow waist (for pants, shorts).

• Deepen, widen or narrow the neckline.

• Add or remove pockets.

• Add or remove fabric strap (for pants, shorts).


Any customizations mentioned above make the item non-refundable.

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